Pi-Hole and Samsung TVs

In this post I take a deep dive into some of my findings after having setup Pi-Hole for my five person household.

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Auth0 Laravel SDK Fix

In this post, we discuss how the fix the following error in your Laravel applications:

CustomAuth0UserRepository::getUserByDecodedJWT($jwt) must be compatible with Auth0UserRepository::getUserByDecodedJWT(array $decodedJwt)

I received this error when upgrading Laravel from 7->8, but it may be appearing for you due to an updated `auth0-login` library.

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Fixing the Biggest Issue with Django Sites Hosted on Heroku

In this post I go over how the Sentry SDK has helped me debug issues that weren't getting logged on this site, as well as some interesting insights into what bots are trying to parse my website for information.

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GAP Day 4 - Pittsburgh

We reached Pittsburgh! Time to reflect on the trip and prepare for the next one.

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GAP Day 3 - Ohiopyle to West Newton

Probably our best day of riding yet. So much so we almost considered doing the remainder of the trail!

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