GAP Day 2 - Meyersdale to Ohiopyle

Series: Greater Allegheny Passage
Published: Aug 04, 2021
Updated: Aug 04, 2021

We were all pretty exhausted after our first day of riding, so we took our time waking up. We walked into town and grabbed a delicious breakfast at the local diner. It had been a while since I had gone to a diner thanks to COVID, so this ended up being a treat in and of itself. The food was great! I  grabbed a two-egg, bacon and toast breakfast, which would fuel me for the day's ride. We finished eating and started packing up our gear to head out on our ride. Jon ended up being the first to get a flat between the three of us and had to spend some time replacing the tube before we set out. Once we actually got going I was surprised to find that I settled into the ride fairly quickly. My legs felt good and my butt didn't hurt too much. The Chamois butter Connor brought on the trip had done its job and we were all feeling great in that regard too.

Our second day was the longest in terms of mileage, but given that the entire day was downhill (on a 1-2% slope) the riding was easy. The trail followed the old train tracks as well as Youghiogheny River which offered some nice views. Before we knew it, we were in Ohipyle. Ohipyle, despite being one of the smallest towns we would be staying in, actually had the most going on thanks to Frank Lloyd's Falling Water house bringing in a a steady stream of visitors.

arriving in Ohiopyle

arriving in Ohiopyle

We had made pretty good time getting into town, so we didn't feel rushed to explore everything all at once. We grabbed some grub at a restaurant right along the trail, and just enjoyed the summer day and good food. We walked around while we waited for our check-in time at our AirBnB. Once we checked in, we went on a small hike at Ferncliffe State Park, which supposedly has a bunch of plant-life that isn't commonly found in other parts of the North -- the river bend creates a peninsula that causes high humidity in the area. I say supposedly because we had no idea what we were looking at and whether it was native, but it was cool nonetheless. If anything, the park offered some nice views of the waterfalls along the river.

Ohiopyle water falls

Later that evening we grabbed some dinner in town and called it a day by watching the Youtube series that had inspired this whole trip: Trailheads. For those interested, here's the ride itself: