GAP Day 3 - Ohiopyle to West Newton

Series: Greater Allegheny Passage
Published: Aug 04, 2021
Updated: Jun 08, 2022

I was a little sad to be leaving Ohiopyle to be honest. It felt relaxing to be in such a small town with such an active outdoor scene. We made our last rounds through town to eat and pickup some surprisingly good cappucinos, and we set off on our third day of riding -- and what was to be our best day of riding yet. The trail, as it had mostly been for the previous two days, was easy going. I should probably mention at this point that the GAP trail, as a whole, is incredibly well maintained. There was nary a stretch of trail that could even be considered "rough" and at a certain point we all agreed that we probably could have forgone our gravel bikes in favor of road bikes. Anyway, the trail out of Ohiopyle didn't offer any new views, rather, it become a little more forested. This ended up being great, as the tree cover offered some shade from the sun.

day 3 of gap trail

We were riding at a brisk pace of 15 mph, which, given that we were on gravel and carrying gear, was incredible. The first half of the ride flew by. We first hit Connellsville, which was the first real "suburban" feeling town. We hit some paved portions of the trail for the first time ever and could sense ourselves getting closer to Pittsburgh; this was only a temporary feeling, as the trail continued through forest soon after the town. We stopped at a small poolside restaurant to grab some lunch just past the border of the town. There I grabbed a salad only to learn that it came with fries. I learned that day that frieds on a salad is a pretty standard Pittsburgh thing. We enjoyed the break and set off on the remaining 20 miles for the day. Here are some pictures from our pit-stop:

jon under umbrella

connor at yellow table

me at table

Eventually, we made it to West Newton, where we would be spending our last night of the trip. I was particularly excited to stop here as I had read online that West Newton had a GAP merch store, and I was excited to pickup some goodies -- which I did! I bought a bike jersey that showed the the trail as well as the C&O trail. We briefly considered riding the remainder of the way, but ultimately decided it would be too much in the 90 degree weather. Having decided to stay, we grabbed some food, drinks, and snacks, and hung out at our bed and breakfast.

If you'd like to view the ride, here's my Garmin activites for both parts of the day: